www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen – Pre-Qualified for Walmart Credit Card

If you are a regular customer at Walmart and you have received a mail to apply for Walmart credit card by visiting www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen then you should take this opportunity. Walmart provides credit cards for its regular customers so they can get some additional benefits for being a loyal customer.

Walmart is the largest retailer in the United States. It provides from everything from groceries, technical equipment to makeup. Walmart takes good care of its customers and hence Walmart has one of the best customer services in the market.

If you have received the mail to apply for the credit card then you don’t need to go through any long and hard procedure. You just need to go online and apply for the card. As you are pre-qualified, you will receive your approval within minutes. Make sure to apply for the credit card option before the expiry date on the mail you received.

www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen – How to Apply for Walmart Credit Card Online?

The fastest and simplest way to apply is through online website. Just click on the link below and start your registration procedure by visiting www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen.

  • Once you are redirected to the new page, fill in the required information to get started.
  • Enter your last name and the acceptance number. Acceptance number is a pre-approved 11 digit code that is mentioned on the mail that you received. Now click on submit.
  • Now you will need to enter some personal information such as your email, address and contact.
  • Once done you will be approved a line of credit.

You can choose between two types of Walmart credit cards.

  • Preferred Customer Credit Card: specifically used to shop in Walmart. Best for customers who are interested in using this credit card for Walmart only.
  • Walmart Master Card: it comes with a master card logo. You can use it anywhere master card is accepted.

Walmart Credit Card Features

Along with additional offers and discounts, Walmart credit card itself have some features that are easy for the card owner themselves.

It has no annual fees. You don’t have to pay additional annual fee for it. You get 5 cents off on every gallon when you get refill or purchase at Walmart gas stations.

Walmart card holders can request cash from cash registers for up to $100. You also get a FICO score through Walmart credit card. It is provided when customers enroll in electronic statements. It also comes with fraud protections by default.


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