www.usps.com/apply – How to Apply for Post Office Job Online

Are you searching for the job? Then USPS will always be there for you if you need a job. USPS is a United States Postal Service is a self-reliant federal agency. Currently, the postmaster of USPS is Megan Brennan. USPS is founded by Benjamin Franklin in July 1775. Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first Postmaster General in 1775.

It was noticed that since 2007 USPS has run with more than $50 Billion arrears. But, in 2013 USPS was partnered with Amazon.com for Sunday delivery of product nationwide. As the time passes the USPS work more effectively and in 2014, is it was noted that USPS has delivered 115.4 billion packages, letters, magazines and many more items.

And in the previous, it was highly appreciated that USPS was working more effectively. Currently, USPS has 635,000 employees. Well, the history of USPS is quite impressive.

www.usps.com/apply  – How to Apply for USPS job?

To apply for USPS job you have to make an account on USPS official website. It is necessary to make an account on USPS employee portal because this is only the way you can apply for the job. The USPS office will not provide any job application form.  The first condition to apply for the job at USPS is that you must be applied for the current position.

The 2nd condition is you must have a computer or laptop or any gadget that contains internet option in it. The last condition is you have a good internet connection.

Website to Need to Visit to Apply for USPS

To apply for USPS job you have to visit the USPS official website especially career page on USPS website. On that page, you have to look wisely to select or designation and documents have to submit with your online application form.  To make application for job you have to make an account on USPS employee portal.

Eligibility requirements for USPS job

  • Your age must be 18 years or 16 years with a secondary school confirmation
  • You must be a citizen of United States, lasting residence, or citizen of American Samoa or different U.S. region
  • Latest business history
  • Capacity to pass a criminal historical verification, drug screening, and medical evaluation
  • Safe driving record (if relevant)
  • Must be enrolled with Selective Service.

Steps you need to follow to apply for USPS job

Well, applying for job at USPS is quite and handy. Everyone can easily apply for the job at USPS. Here are the following steps that lead how to an account on USPS?

  • First of all, go to the official website of USPS www.usps.com/apply.
  • Go to the career option in it. This is displayed on the upper right corner of the page.
  • When you click on career option you will be redirected another page.
  • On this page, click on “apply for the vacancy option”.
  • Now you have to fill the form accurately.
  • This form will require some of your attention and time. You have to enter your name and surname first.
  • After this select your designation.
  • Complete your form properly.

When you complete your form click on “submit” and you are good to go.

USPS Job Options

The USPS offers a lot of vacancies like a delivery man, mail carriers, mail handlers, mail operator and many more.

Moreover, USPS also provides career opportunities like accounting, business, human resources and legal affairs. So, Don’t forget to visit www.usps.com/apply.



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