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Staples Inc. or commonly known as staples is an American based multinational retailing company. You can rate it at their official survey link at It provides top so the line office supplies. Staples was first started in 1986. It has rapidly grown over the years and now it owns over 1500 stores in North America and 2000 stores worldwide in over 26 countries. It employees over 80,000 people as well. It has become one of the largest office supply retailer in United States as well.

Staples is very much concerned over their customer response. They take their response with sincerity to change for the better. That is why staples have launched their own survey website. Customers can go to the website and review their own staples experience. – How to Give Medallia Survey Online

Firstly you need to make a purchase at staples. Once done make sure you take your receipt. Keep that receipt with you it will come in handy later on. Now you need a device that can be connected to the internet. Go to the following link and you can get started.

  • Visit the Website
  • Choose a language you are comfortable with from the option in the top right corner. You can give the survey in either English or Spanish. Press on begin survey.
  • Enter you survey code. This is where your receipt comes in. the survey code is mentioned on your receipt. It is a 19 digit code. Enter the code without dashes or spaces. Once done press next.
  • Now you can start your survey.

Asked Questions in the Survey

You will see a series of questions in the survey. You have to rate your answer according to your experience. Questions are simple and to the point like “did you receive a greeting when you entered the store?” or “were you satisfied with the customer care?” etc.

Once done you are to submit your response.

$500 Staples Gift Card Winning 

Once you are done with the survey you can apply for $500 staples gift card for free. As a gift for taking the time to fill out the survey form, staples offers $500 gift card to its customers. To enter you need to provide you name, email and phone number.

You entry will be registered and you will be notified of the sweepstakes results.

You can also apply for the sweepstakes even if you survey code has expired. Just check the “my survey code has expired option” mentioned in the link 

You can provide the feedback via phone as well. Or you can visit the link.

Contact: 800-333-3330



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