www.publixsurvey.com – Publix Customer Survey to win $1,000 Publix Gift Card

The Survey is considered as the most important key factor in every shop’s or restaurant’s progress. So, Publix has introduced www.publixsurvey.com for their Customers. The customers of the company have a right to feedback them whether they are giving good service or not. Publix also provides an option of survey for there customers through which its customer will tell the company about their products and services whether they are according to their quality or not?

From your survey’s Publix will improve their product’s quality and services. When you will complete your survey Publix will award you $1000 or even more.

www.publixsurvey.com – Steps to Enter in Publix Survey

Publix is commonly known as Publix Supermarkets Inc. It is nominated as the American based private company. Publix was completely managed by its previous and present employees. Publix was rooted in 1930 by George W. Jenkins. According to the records, it is the first and largest company that is managed by its employees. The company operates all across the United States.

As I mentioned earlier, the outlets of Publix are spread throughout the United States but the most selling areas of Publix are Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. Publix is acknowledged as the largest grocery stores chain in the United States. Publix has over 1,135 stores all across the United States. According to the reports, it was noted that the State of US, Florida has the largest number of Publix stores I.e.776.

Requirements for Publix Survey

Are you going to take a survey of Publix? Then you must know about the requirements for Publix survey by visiting www.publixsurvey.com. Only those people will give feedback to the company that is eligible for Publix survey. Following are requirements for Publix survey.

  • You must be 18 years old. Kids or younger than 18 years are not eligible for carrying out this important survey.
  • You must be an American legal citizen.
  • Employees of Publix are not eligible for this survey.
  • Only one person per house can participate in this survey to win $1000 or more. If 2 people from same house will win the coupon then both will be disqualified.
  • You must have a computer or laptop that contains internet option in it.
  • You must have a stable internet connection.
  • You must have valid recent receipt of Publix.
  • The four-digit code located at the top of Publix receipt is necessary for this survey.
  • You are capable of understanding English or Spanish language.

Key Factors of Publix Survey

Publix launched it survey to better its services and products quality. The main reason of survey is to attain some information from the customers about the Publix service. The main key factors of Publix survey are in web Portal www.publixsurvey.com.

  • To attain the customer satisfaction who buys from Publix Shopping centers.
  • To improve shopping techniques and methods.
  • To receive information about the variety of products available at their stores.
  • The quality of different products.
  • To attain information about their store’s staff. Whether there behavior is good or not.
  • The availability of products present at their store.





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