www.managemymove.usps.com – How to Avail USPS Change of Address Services

Every country has its own postal service. In every country, postal service is an essential thing for the convenience of its citizen. So, in order to avail these services simply visit www.managemymove.usps.com. In the United States, the mailing service called USPS is used for mailing. USPS stands for United States Postal Service. It is acknowledged as the most trustworthy mailing service for citizens of the United States. The letterboxes of USPS are highlighted as “U.S Mail”.

www.managemymove.usps.com – Method to Avail USPS Change of Address Services

As I mentioned earlier, USPS stands for United States Postal Service.  It is nominated as the American Independent Agency of the Federal Government of the United States.  It is responsible of providing mails throughout the United States including their rural areas as well as the established States. It is nominated as one of the few agencies which are authorized and recognized by the United States Constitution.

The USPS was rooted in 1775 during the time period of Second Continental Congress and Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first postmaster general in the history of USPS. The office of the department store was founded in 1792 for the Franklin’s operation.

In 1872, it was evaluated in the cabinet-level department store. In 1971, it was transformed into the United States Postal Service as an independent agency. In 2005, it was noted that USPS has 617,254 active employees. Headquarter of USPS is located in Washington.

How to Manage My Moves USPS

USPS is very polite and convenient to its customers. They provide many helpful options for its customers. Sometimes people transfer their houses from one place to another. In the transfer of the house, it is very important to change your mailing address as well. Following are the steps which lead you how to manage My Moves USPS?

  • USPS allows its customer to update, remove or change their mailing address in order to receive the mail at their own houses.
  • The most convenient thing about USPS is by using MY Moves USPS you will receive the mails without any interruption.
  • You can use My Moves USPS online website to change your mailing address for the on time delivery of your mails and packages.
  • It is not necessary to put the permanent address, temporary address also work good in order to receive the mails.
  • In USPS temporary address is specified as temporary mail forwarding address in the case that you are not available at your permanent address.
  • Change your address just in the case you have no plans of going back to the previous address.

USPS Change of Address Notes

  • The My Moves USPS website is totally free to use.
  • When you will submit your request regarding change of address, USPS customers also have an option of viewing the website www.managemymove.usps.com, changing your information or cancelling all the requests all together.
  • In order to change the address the customers have to fill a short online form, which approximately take 3 minutes.
  • If you request online for the change of the address, you will receive the confirmation code along with the confirmation email.
  • If you do not request online for the change of the address the confirmation code is sent to the customer’s new address.



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