www.ccspayment.com – Avail Credit Collection Services

Credit collection services or commonly known as CCS are a professional service of debt collection which can be availed by visiting www.ccspayment.com. If you have been contacted by CCS regarding your debt then you can make you payments online or setup a payment method using the information you receive in the mailer.

There are multiple methods in which you can make the payments. You can either mail your check to the provided address to you can make it online using credit cards. If you don’t have the means to make the full payment in one go then you can set up a payment schedule from the CCS website.

www.ccspayment.com – Avail Credit Collection Services

You need to sign up on the website to setup a schedule or make online payments. You can create an account or login to your old one using the link Here www.ccspayment.com.

While signing up, you are asked about a lot of personal information, rest assured that this information is only required for payment processes and nothing more.

Debt Status

If you have received a mail regarding you debt collection then you can use the information provided in the mailer to check your status online. You can access that information using the 11 digit code mentioned on the mailer. Visit the CCS website and use the code www.ccspayment.com.

Paying Via Mail

The fastest way to send your documents or checks is online. But you can also pay using mailing or faxing services. Their letter head is available on their website. Download it, fill it up and mail or fax it on the provided locations.

The fax or mails take up to 48 hours to process but the online data is reviewed and responded to in 24 hours. So it is better to use online services as they are faster.

Customer Contact

If you have issues or you need to details on payment schedules then you can call them at 877.870.1000

For mailing checks or documents you can use the address 725 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062


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